Wake Up Feeling Good

Second post in a row say what???!

My lovely fudgies,

I don't know all of you.
Don't know your vices, your weaknesses, your stories.

But hopefully I can know that from now on, every morning, you will wake up feeling light, feeling free, feeling good.

And hoooooow, you ask, can you do that, oh wise one? :P

Here is a little trick that I adhere too religiously, and hopefully it can help you too <3

One of my biggest triggers is waking up feeling bloated, or fat, or just heavy.
Cuz you KNOW that if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, citizens of the world better run and hide because it is NOT a good day.

And worst of all, YOU feel awful, and YOU want to run and hide from every living creature.

So what I do is make sure that I don't eat or drink anything 2 whole hours before I go to bed (water excluded of course, flavored water is like crack to me).

The next morning, I don't feel pregnant, so humans of this earth are safe yet another day and I feel like I can face almost anything!

Yayyyyyyy!!! Haha if you are alarmed by my cheesiness, you MUST be new.
Hi, I'm gabby :)


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