The "Abby" bashing

Warning: true story. If you think this is about you, it probably is. Haha :P

Once upon a time,

There were girls. Snide, bitchy, Regina George type girls.
This isn't new to any of you, I assume, for most of you are battling the evil machine that is high school at the moment.
And those girls RUN that freaking machine.

One random weekend, my friends and I, a little posse of Plastics, met a girl. Let's call her Abby. Everything was all fun and dandy until Abby rubbed one of us the wrong way.
Unleash the dogs, the dragons and the facebook bashing.

Everytime we would get together, we would log onto Facebook and look at her pictures. And laugh. And comment saying how ugly she was. How worthless and annoying she was.
Sigh. Gotta love Facebook.

I never really saw what they were laughing at to be quite honest.
This girl was actually very pretty and cool. But I kept laughing, imitating her face, cuz that's what the cool girls do, right?

Uh hum. Wrong.
When I came out of the hospital we got together again. And of course there was some Abby bashing on the agenda.
I watched them snicker, and then, as if god had struck me with the message, it hit me:

They. Are so. Jealous.

They were so insecure about themselves that they made up imaginary, but to them ginormous can't-miss, flaws, because they knew she was more well liked than them.
Somehow I looked at them, as if for the first time, and didn't see the girls I grew up with. The girls I spent my days and nights with. The pretty girls I thought they were.

I saw self-conscious monsters, who HAD to bring others down to their level to feel satisfaction.

So if any of you are being laughed at, or bullied, and you ask yourself what you did, or what you could do, the answer is so simple:

Take it from the girl who used to be on the other side of the screen.
You can do no right according to them, so why bother trying to better yourself to please their unpleaseable minds?

Be the best version of you, for you.
Even If they don't agree with your awesomeness, I do. I can see it.

That is all.
Love love love,

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