Quit. You're Worth It.

...I know. I know. Its been like a week since you've seen a new post. I am ashamed. But I still love you even if you remind me of my absence every two seconds.:P

« I look so good, I look so good, without you»
-Jesse James

Sign my name down on this internet contract, I am officially quitting.
No more tugging at my flesh until it's raw.
I am done with that fudge.

Alright, here's the scoop:
Since the 3rd grade Ive been compulsively picking at my skin.
The victim of this abuse: my poor damaged fingers
I never felt the need to stop.
Never gotten infected. Never affected my life.
Why the hell would I?

Thursday. May 17 2012.
I get my Etsy package in the mail (AHHHHHHHHHHH <3) and find that the owner gave me a free ring, just cause she rules.
I slip it on the next day, ever so nonchalantly.
After a particularily awful day I look down at my fingers, expecting to see the nightmare they usually are on 'em types of days.

 They were swollen, yes, but they had not been harmed at all.
As I looked back on my day, I saw myself fiddling and tugging my ring, and not my fingers.

I had quit. And I hadn't even noticed. God bless Etsy.
It's now been 3 days. And already they look much better.
And I FEEL much better.
Freer somehow.
The dark lords of my cuticles have let me go from slavery :P

So why should you quit? If it doesn't hurt you. Not reaaaalllllyy.
Because YOU CAN.
Because you don't need to bite your nails, or pull out your hair, or do whatever to be in control. Or to let out your stress or anger on your body.

You are much to beautiful to be wasting time on such sillyness.
Find your healthy outlet, and soon enough you won't even need it to make it through those tough days.

So in conclusion, etsy saved my life.
Juuuuust kidding. Well...
Anyways, if you ever wonder if or why you should quit, Do. Because you can.
And that should always be enough.

much love and hope I wont desert yall again like that,



  1. I used to be a compulsive finger picker too. What helped me stop was two products at LUSH. Some sort of lotion, "Healthy Hands" I think. And their cuticle butter. I put it on whenever I felt the urge to pick, and eventually I stopped. Once my fingers got healthy, I didn't want to ruin them by picking. It was a nice feeling.

    1. Oooh what a great idea! Thank you Aimee!
      Aaannd I didn't even delete your comment this time!
      Score!!! :) <3