Definition of a Fudgie

Fudgie: a member of the Fudge Perfection family.

Dory and Marlin, holding on together,
against the big bad perfection temptation-jellyfish :)
That's it.
No membership fee. No registration.No hazing.

It may seem like this organization is directed towards teen girls with eating disorders.
But life is already so segregated into different classes, different societies, different cliques.
We are all trying our best in this world to make it out alive, and having a place of comfort, a place to ask for help, for advice, a place where we can smile at the crazy white girl who overuses the words «babe» and «dolls» :P, can be that tiny little kick in the behind that keeps you going today.
And everyone deserves just that much.

Guys. 4th graders. Mothers. Regular people with regular problems.
There's a reason why I go to elementary schools, as well as girls only and co-ed high schools, and not rehabs and hospitals.
The pressure is everywhere. The temptation for perfection is everywhere. I'm just here, litterally, to help you say; fudge it.

So...you are trying to fudge perfection in your life?
Hi, and welcome to the FPP family. How may I help you today?
No matter the intensity of your insecurities, or how are they have/are taken/taking you, the goal is universal.

Take my advice, and twist it, turn it, adjust it, do whatever, and, as a great philosopher once said:

«Just keep swimming»
Dory, Finding Nemo

See? We even invite animated fish.
So trust me. You are invited to join this fight just as much as anyone else, I don't care who you are.

Love yo faces,


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