Wanting To Get Better: Recovery

Hello my angel food cakes:)

I recently watched this supernaturally amazing video by my homegirl and idol Kati Morton.
First of all, if you aren't subscribed to her beautiful channel, I don't know what you are doing with your life.
Secondly, this video made me think about my journey, and about the recovery process.
Many people ask for help when they want to get better, or stay better.

But how do you want to get better? How do you want to stay healthy, stay safe, stay alive?
Kati gives this awesome trick which I will share with you today.
This is very personal but I feel that as a fudgie family, you are all capable of respect:)

Step 1: What are you looking forward to (this month, this year, this life)?

1. Getting my tattoo
2. Seeing my BFF Luana again
3. Going to the Queens of The Stone Age concert
4. Attending formal
5. Halloween!
6. Reading more books
7. Going to college
8. Having kids

Step 2: Can you do these things if you are laying in bed depressed, or chained to anxiety, or imprisoned by an eating disorder? Can you do these things and enjoy them? 

The answer is no.

Step 3: Keep working, keep self-loving, keep your strength. 



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