Skinny Wrists, Skinny Hips: WTF

My beautiful fudgies,

Can I just ask the gods of thinspo where they come up with these ridiculous ideas?
Because it seems as though their nutrient-deprived following churns out these abhorrent goals every other day.

Today's pick? The motto "Skinny Wrists, Skinny Hips".
I'm 1000% serious, go on Tumblr and find it.
You know what, please don't. You might get sucked into the blackhole that is the thinspiration tag, and I would never forgive myself.

The meaning: If your hand can hold your opposite arm's wrists, and your fingers touch, wrapping themselves completely around your wrists, then you are adequately thin, hence the "skinny hips" add-on.

The logic: That's funny. There is none.


1. Firstly, this mentality doesn't take into consideration the size of one's hands. I have dumpy, 3rd grader-sized fingers, so I can assure you, even if I lost 189 pounds, my hand could not wrap around my wrist.

2. Secondly, here is some basic human anatomy. Wrists? Bones. Hips? Bones. Booooooooooones. It's very simple: no matter how much weight you lose, your wrists and hips will not shrink. If you have unusually large wrists, the only way you can shave off some inches is to literally shave them off with a saw.
And I'd also like to ask in what scientific journal these young girls found the correlation between wrist and hip size, because as far as I'm concerned, skinny wrists equals genetics. Period.

3. Finally, but most importantly, this has nothing to do with wrists or hips. Girls and boys who suffer from extreme self-esteem problems will find flaws within themselves that don't exist, such as "fat wrists". Sure, I can come on here and rant about these weird obsessions, but that won't fix the problem.
There is no such thing as "skinny enough" for these sufferers, no matter how many times you tell them their hips are perfectly skinny enough.

All you can do is be there. Let them know, in person or even on their Tumblr ask, that you are there to listen. When they find the strength to admit their problem, then you can be of help. Because often times, these girls in their skinny wrists worlds suffer in skinny lips silence. Send them love, pray, and go on with your bad self:)



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