10 Reasons Why "FATshion" Matters

Hello my angels,

Here are my 10 reasons why Fat-Shion blogs, or plus size fashion, matters:

1. Because the meshing of the words fat and fashion symbolizes an intertwining. Fat and fashion are not separate, you can have both.

2. Because representation is important. When your eyes are only used to seeing a certain type of body, wearing a certain type of fashion, these images ink themselves into your skull. Fatshion is a way to undo that body negative bullshit.

3. Because most stores that are considered "hip" don't carry clothing for plus size girls.

4. Because if these stores do carry plus size clothing, items will be different, unflattering, or limited.

5. Because the average American woman is a size 12-14. So the average American woman isn't allowed to look cute, retail companies?

6. Because there is an overwhelming number of people who still believe "fat" people should conceal their bodies, wear loose fitting clothing, and be ashamed. Fatshion raises a big middle finger to that mentality.

7. Because the expression "the camera puts on ten pounds" frightens big girls away from the spotlight, when they should be expressing their sense of self as much as the next girl.

8. Because television and movies portray plus size women as dumb or loud or obnoxious. Every woman has a different personality, and fatshion blogs help plus size girls express themselves as individuals, not just a cartoon character.

9. Because the terms "chubby chaser" and "fat fetish" are a way to describe men who are attracted to women of a bigger size, as though it is bizarre for a man or anyone to find curves desirable and beautiful.

10. Because it shouldn't even be considered a separate type of blog in the first place.

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