Things You Don't Know About Gabby

Hello my angels,

I'm sitting here during my lunch break at work, bored out of my mind.
Here are 12 things you (probably) did not know about me

1. Middle Name? Technically, in Quebec Catholic tradition, if you're a girl you take Marie + your godmother's name, so Marie Diane? I don't even know, ask my mother.

2. Future Children? If I have children, probably with Justin Timberlake or Benedict Cumberbatch let's be real, I want to give them "old people" names. Such as Ivan, or Gertrude. Why? I cannot tell you, I'm going to be an awesome mom.

3. My Prom? My prom was the bomb.com No lie, yours cannot even compare. My friends and I skipped the drunkfest after party that my classmates had organized and went Go-Karting instead. Jealous, yet?

4. Favorite Scent? Morning Dew. Calvin Klein, Britney Spears, whoever; make that a damn fragrance.

5. Favorite Sound? The sound my cartilage makes when I get a piercing. Love me some needles. I'm basically going to die a heroin addict if this needle obsession continues.

6. Current Song You're Listening To? Can You Feel My Heart by BMTH. When I do boring excel sheets at work, it makes me feel like a gang-affiliated rebel. Face tattoo and all.

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