Flattering Your Body?

Hello my beautiful angels

I recently watched this awesome video by stophatingyourbody creator Annie, which I have linked at the bottom of this post, and was profoundly inspired to talk about the idea of wearing clothes that flatter your body.

Now, I must admit to you, I am torn on the subject. This won't be an angry one sided rant, though I know they are mighty entertaining to you all. My apologies<3

      Because on one hand, I think that flattering your body is a weird concept.

On one hand, I think it means "wear clothes that make you look thinner", as if that should be everyone's goal look. Because really, when you say "that is not flattering on her", don't we all really mean she looks bigger than she actually is?

On one hand, I think you should be confident no matter what you wear, no matter how "unflattering". You shouldn't need to dress a certain way in order to be comfortable in your truth.

On one hand, I think it's an idea formed by marketing strategists in order to sell more clothes. Levi's recently came out with different styles of jeans to flatter "every different type of body shape". Might as well put up a sign that says "come into our store and we will tell you your jeans make you look thinner. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY".

     But on the other hand, I'm not so sure.

The idea of clothes that "flatter your body" doesn't have to be about looking thin, we can define the terms we use. It can mean your boobs look fantastic, or your legs look really long, or your curves are even accentuated. As long as you properly define your own vocabulary by explaining what you mean by "that shirt is really flattering", you can take back the negative connotations of the expression.

I also know how amazing I feel when I slip on my favorite jeans, or my 5 inch heels. Sure, I should look and feel great when I look like death, but sometimes we all need a little help. Self-love is a process, and it can start just by finding what makes you feel beautiful, so why not pick something "flattering"?

Look, maybe it is a marketing plot by evil companies. But here's the truth: as most things in life, it's about moderation.
Don't wear clothes that make you feel like a sack of potatoes just to prove a point.
Don't have a nervous breakdown if your only flattering sweater has a stain on it.
Know the balance of the flattering equilibrium, and you'll take back the night.



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