Exercise Bulimia: Know The Signs

Hello my sweeties

Exercise is amazing, isn't it?
I wouldn't know, since I basically spend my life blogging, studying and watching Bob's Burgers, but I've heard it's quite nice.

The key word here is healthy, exercise is healthy. But if you've ever heard of exercise bulimia, you know that sometimes, it can go too far.

You can google the definition for an exact DSM-regulated word for word description, but here's how I see it:
"the act of exercising in order to lose weight to the detriment of one's health"

But don't most of us exercise to shed those calories? How do we know if we've gone too far? 

Fear not, I'm here to help! Here are 2 tell tale signs that you should reconsider your exercise mentality, and what you can do about them!
**but if you do find yourself identifying with these symptoms, please see a doctor/counselor. I am no professional. Much love<3

1. Are your bones hurting?

(Apparently) there's nothing like a good post-workout ache to make you feel whole.
But a critical part of exercise bulimia is the extreme level of pain one is willing to put him or herself through in order to lose weight.

When you vomit, pass out, feel pain for several days, lose your period and enjoy it, chances are your body and mind need an intervention.

You do not need to punish yourself for eating, which is, by the way, kind of an essential act in human existence. And while it's good that you're motivated, it's important that you listen to your body when it speaks to you.
Seeing stars? stop. 
About to vomit? stahp. 
Falling over? staaahhhpppp. 

Even though you may feel like those are good signs, they are not, trust me.
Overexercising can make it impossible for you to keep up a healthy exercise routine. Think about it:
If you're not taking any rest days, it will become impossible for you to walk, much less run.

It's all about moderation!

2. Are you squatting instead of befriending?

Another tell-tale sign is that exercise basically becomes your entire life.
Just like anorexics consume their thoughts with food restriction, and even avoid social situations to ensure that their calorie count of the day is low enough,
people who suffer from exercise bulimia center their lives around working out.
Canceling plans to workout
Constantly thinking about your next workout
Missing work or school in order to workout
Becoming irrationally depressed if unable to workout...

If this sounds like you, your life has been overrun by a treadmill (see what I did there? I'm not funny).
Quitting anything cold turkey is often difficult to uphold, especially concerning dangerous behaviors.
So baby steps are the way to go!
-Make plans to workout with a friend. You can distract yourself from the intensity of your workout and she can check you if you go a bit overboard with the squats.
-Carry around a rubber band and snap it around your wrist every time you think of working out more than twice in the same hour.
-Find activities that get your heart rate pumping that are less about calorie counting and more about having a good time. I've heard zumba is a blast!


Most importantly, I want you all to know that even if you don't identify 100% with these symptoms, it is still okay to ask for help.
No one will belittle or laugh at you.
Your problems matter.



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