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Happy monday, fudgies! <3

Today I'm simply showing you some of my favorite Internet, body positive discoveries!
But fear not, you have not seen the last of me this week, because eI have some pretty big stuff in the works for you guys!
Aaaannd, on top of all that excitment, there is a certain ice cream-related post being written as you're reading this, so you know this week will be fierce. 

So here we go: my top 3 body positive findings of the week!

1. Trisha Paytas' Beauty at Every Size

She's done it again! Honestly, I do not follow her youtube content, but when Trisha comes out with these great videos and you, dear fudgies, kindly send me their links, I am always very happy to see that bright, bubbly blond appear on my screen. Hoorah to Trish <3

2. This picture, among others, I found on tumblr.
It depicts an ad, found in 1950s archives, selling what I can only assume is a weight-gain product.
Personally, I am not going to go into the whole «my oh my, how times have changed, this is how women should look, curves are pretty, bones are not» spiel, because I don't believe in bashing anybody's body type, wether curvy or narrow. 
As a matter of fact, that is precisely the message I personally take from this picture. 
People are somehow under the impression that before our generation, women lived in a world where bodies of all types were accepted and treated equally. However, I believe this picture proves that even back in those days, certain body types weren't making the magazine covers, weren't considered the standard for beauty. It just so happens that back in the day, the narrower, thinner girls were the ones being bashed, even though for most of them, they had absolutely no control over their body types (genetics, poverty).

In 2013, the roles of curvy/versus/narrow have simply been reversed.
So you see? For some women to be considered «ideally beautiful», others have to be...well, not. 

3. Finally, the body image project blog
As some of you may know, last summer I wrote an article for this blog: The Body Image Project
Last night, I was parousing its content and was floored by the incredible honesty, truth and diversity of the blog's anonymous or famous entries.
Go check it out, it is worth while!

Well, that is all for today, dolls. <3
Have a happy rest-of-Monday and see yall later this week :)


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