In Crisis

Happy Monday, fudgies!

Today's topic is certainly not the most uplifting and light-hearted of subjects, but it is one I feel is necessary.

As I was working out this afternoon, my elliptical's TV screen caught my attention. The suicide of computer programmer extraordinaire Aaron Schwartz was being discussed on CNN, and it got me to thinking.
Sadly, I don't know most of you in real life, but I would feel responsible if anything ever happened to you, because when someone is in crisis, all they need is a little guidance, and I looooove to guide.

Obviously, I am not the Messiah or anything, but if you are ever in a situation where suicidal thoughts or intentions appear predominant, you may feel completely lost as to what steps you can take to assure your safety.
Here are some tools I hope you will never need to use, but just in case you are so unfortunate, do not hesitate even so much as a second to take advantage of these resources:

***IMPORTANT: BEFORE ANY OF THESE STEPS: Your health comes first, and that is all. Often, people will think «oh, I can't go to the hospital, I have a math exam» or «oh, but I have that permission slip to give in», and therefor you put on the backburner YOUR SAFETY. 
Think of it this way: if you were to be hit by a bus, God forbid, I don't think your boss, teacher or friends would be offended  by your trip to the hospital. Why? BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.

So please, take a step back to look at the grand scheme of things, and do whatever it takes to get help.

1. A suicide hotline. 
Type into google your CITY + SUICIDE HOTLINE and a local crisis operator will help you, and probably guide you towards these next resources.

2. A crisis center
You would be surprised to see how many crisis centers there are in your area.
Again, look up your CITY+CRISIS CENTER and, if you can, find the one closest to you.
They usually prefer if you call before heading out to visit, so they can be totally prepared for your arrival and take care of you upon arrival, plus they may even come pick you up if you are unable to get there by your own transportation, so find the phone number on their website or yellow page and dial up :)

3. Any local health clinic
In Quebec, we have CLSCs, which are free walk-in clinics. If you know of such facilities in your area, head out there, but AGAIN, CALL IN ADVANCE AND THEY WILL BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR NEEDS AT YOUR ARRIVAL.

4. Last resort, but do not hesitate to go: HOSPITAL
Most hospitals I know of take suicidal thoughts/intentions very seriously, and IF YOU CALL IN ADVANCE, they will expect your arrival and send you off to help right away, so you don't have to wait in line for hours.

I know most of you knew all of this already, but in a state of complete panic, we often forget everything we once thought we knew inately.
Be safe my loves, reach out as quickly as you can and keep fudging perfection.



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