Hello dolls! <3

I know I promised to write last week but I was waiting for certain details concerning the very exciting title floating above these words!

Yes, I kid you not, I managed to score myself a one day internship with ANEB (Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec)! Now, I am still waiting for a specific date, which is why I didn't spread the news last week.

I will be interning with Josee Champagne, the chief executor. She has graciously offered to let me accompany her while ANEB gives a  conference, workshop, or some other form of event.

I will surely learn a lot, and I will obviously fill you in on my experience.

I want to thank you, because had you not been so fudgin' awesome and supportive, I wouldn't be blessed with this opportunity.

Quick note: Fear not, the ice cream post is coming!

As always, keep fudgin' perfection


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