Its Majesty, King Ice Cream

Hello dolls!

just thought yall should know:)

I'm hoping to start your week off right with a post about one of my favorite things so far in 2013: ice cream. 

Yes indeed, after weeks of intense research and dedicated testing, I have officially crowned ice cream king of the comfort foods. 

Being somewhat of a salty toother, I had previously never fit the stereotypical «broken hearted girl who drowns her sorrow in Haagen Dasz and Pride and Prejudice» mold (okay, I lied about P&P, it's like visual Prozac to me).

However, during one of the first few days of the new year, I casually decided to grab a pint of ice cream while grocery shopping, and BAM! Love at first bite.
Why, You may ask? Here are the reasons behind ice cream's coronation:

1. The Ice Control
One of the great things about ice cream is that it is in fact ice cream. Now, I don't know if this is because of my treacherously long orthodontics history, but after eating them for a while, cold foods seem to lose their taste.
This forces me to put down my spoon and put the pint back into the freezer:  A NATURAL INTAKE CONTROL METHOD? Score.

2. The Cream Factor.
Again, I am forever grateful that ice cream is in fact ice cream. For most of us, there is no worse trigger than a bloated, pertruding stomach. So the creamy, almost liquid-y texture, a lighter option than chips or candy, leaves the belly feeling less and less like a detonating bomb, making your mind feel more and more sane. :)

3. The Glacier Tongue
Last but not least, the reason ice cream is a champ in the guilt control category, is yet again its icyness.
When eating ice cream, the entire mouth region, but especially the tongue, turns bordeline frigorific.
While it may not be an enjoyable feeling for some, it numbs the taste buds on your tongue, making it impossible for the lingering taste of ice cream to drive you insane with guilt, shame, or self-loathing.

Wasn't kidding , was I now? :)
Alright, enjoy responsibly, keep being awesome!
I love you guys to death <3


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