Presents to give yourself: have a better day

Hello dear fudgies!:)

I have another post planned out for this week, but I wanted to top off this lovely Thursday with a picture I found yesterday, and instantly adored.

I was shopping at Light a Dream ( links here to know more about this awesome charity: http://www.lightadream.com/home.html) and found this paper taped up to the wall.

It is a list of presents you can give yourself each day, to make your life a little fuller, a little better, a little happier. I am a big believer in these kind of distractions from the darkness in our lives.

If ever your day is looking a little gray, whip open this list and find your own personal ray of sunshine.

They may not seem drastic enough to change a life, but we live day by day, and if every day is just a bit more of a present, so is life.


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