A little bit of Monday Sunshine

I don't even...
I have no excuse for my horrifically inexcusably long hiatus.
I am here today to make all ma fudgies feel a little bit better about the despicable creature that is Monday.
Just a couple of little dooblidoos to make your day a little bit more yoohoo, less boohoo.
You're welcome :P

1. Trisha Paytas, aka blndsundoll4mj. Being as fabulous as she always is.
Brainwashing sister, you are my idol :) <3 God Bless this child :P

2. A lovely blogger by the name of Tiffany Myers, aka Huge Love, wrote this post a little while ago, but I thought I would share it with you anyways, cause its still lovely <3
NOTE: Tiffany is a very spiritual person. You do not need to believe in her faith to understand her point of view and her message.
Interpretation is key, dolls :)

3. A little quote by a good friend of mine.
Dont judge, he's fabulous in his own right.
SIDENOTE:  this is the 2nd animated character I have quoted (Doris being the first). Do you see a pattern here? GO BACK AND WATCH ALL YOUR OLD VHS MOVIES. YOU WILL LEARN :P
Alright here it goes:
«But after a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and you just trust who you are»
Join me in this moment of admiration for a big, green ogre. A beautiful green ogre.

«I took your monday and made it happy :)»
-Michael Buckley
That was just a quote from one of my fave gays, but a true expression of my heart :)


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