Purely Random Wednesday Post

Hello my gorgeously fabulous fudgies! <3

1.I hope you all enjoyed my Labor Day post, even with it's insane length.
It was a very personal topic, but one I felt wasn't being defended from my standpoint too often, so I truly hope it made your pretty little brains think :)

2. Please answer this survey to tell me what YOU GUYS want me to ramble ON AND ON about.
It's okay, I know I do :P (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T5N59XT)

3. I want to remind you that we have bracelets available for just 1$!
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4. The weirdest thing in the world has happened to me:
Have you ever met someone briefly, not knowing who they are, and then BAM!
You figure out they are much older, or very famous, or any other type of WHHHHHAAAATTTT caracteristic you had completely misjuged than you thought????

Well, it has happened to me, my dear fudgies.
In treatment, I briefly met a psychologist, whose only name I knew was her first, which sounded something like Falin.
Dr. Falin is the person who gave me the simplest but ultimately most life-changing tips I have since shared with you all such as...
The Drama Queen Calmer
Love Your Reflection

So the other day, ever so nonchalantly, I try to google her to give her proper credit on the blog and...omg.

In my mind this person was: In her twenties. Still studying to be a psychologist (due to her youthful appearance and the way she really understood my teenage craziness, not because she was unqualified.

After my research, I found a clinical psychologist that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Falin, named Dr. Bita, who must be in her 40s and has her own clinic.

I don't...
What is earth...

Has this ever happened to you guys?
Well thats all for your little Gabbi

I would cyberhug you but Im still so damn confused...

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