Tips for a Depressionista: 'Tis the season

I first heard the term in a grocery store;
Two middle-aged women scouring the aisles for good Panini bread were having a conversation when suddenly, one said to the other:

She's going through a rough time with Mike, but she's a depressionista. She'll be just fine.

Wipe that confused look off of your face and stop laughing at the absurdity of those words (you are obviously doing one of these, for I did both at the same time...people at the supermarket are afraid of me...).

The term depressionista (I am assuming, because urban dictionary is not an unbiased reliable source in my opinion) is tightly linked to another new vocab word: recessionista.

Now a recessionista is a mash-up of recession and fashionista- meaning a person who is able to stay stylish in a time of economic uncertainty.
And hooooowwwww, you may ask, does that relate to depressionista?

A depressionista is someone who is prone to mini or hard-hitting depressions, who is going through a rough patch or just plain simply someone who wants to be happier B.U.T. who can perk up their mood for the sake of their sanity.

Depressionista&Recessionista: please who can make it work during hard times.

You may now ooh and ahh..

So how do depressionistas beat their blues?
Well here's a little trick I have found to be mighty helpful.

Go. Season. Crazy.

What exactly does that mean?
Back story: When I came out of the hospital, I wanted to keep the good mood I was in, so I decided to get really into the holiday spirit. I soon came to the conclusion that by putting a little effort into the season, you get a little (or even a lot) of joy back.

So here are a few ways to do so:

1. Holiday Happy (all holidays, not just Christmas)
You do not have to be religious to enjoy the bright, Christmas lights, or the memorable Christmas morning cartoons.
You certainly do not need to spend a dime more than you usually would.
Examples: buy some candy canes instead of your regular desert
Find the radio station in your area that plays that wonderfully cheesy xmas music
Get inspired by the festivities to get creative (make your own Halloween decorations or costume)
Enjoy your fave classic holiday movies or TV specials

2. Season Serenity
No need to get into the commercial holidays if you don't want to!
Seasons are just as fun!
Buy some fall-scented tea or coffee instead of your regular (DavidsTea anyone?)
Add little touches to your house decor (leaves in bowls for fall, fresh flowers for spring)
Enjoy the loveliness of the weather (nice new warmth in spring, pretty leaves in fall, beautiful white snow in winter)
And my ultimate season obsession: candles. Plug-ins.  air freshener.
I'm obsessed. Don't judge me.

And though this may seem incredibly cheesy (most likely because it is...) it could be all you need to snap you out of your regular daily routine!


Lovez yall,
have a lovely day


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