Comparing Yourself, Hurting Yourself

Hello my darling fudgies!

 I have officially as of today graduated high school! So lots more posts coming your way this summer, on top of the weekly videos I am working on for the Fudge Perfection youtube channel, without forgetting my internship with ANEB Quebec.
(Wait, where did my life go? Oh wait hahaha I don't have one)

But in all seriousness, today's article is quite an important one. A few months ago I posted an article on how not to compare yourself to others, or at least doing so in a healthier way. Although I still agree with the general premise, I want to add some key elements I had left out (because maybe I just recently figured them out...MAYBE).

Here is what I want you to know about other people, comparing yourself to them, jealousy and insecurities:

There will always be, in this horrible and wonderful life that is ours, someone who is just a little bit better than us, or maybe a lot better than us.
Praised, and idolized, and put on a towering pedestal our nubby runner up fingers can never seem to reach.

We let it eat at us, gnaw at us, until we have successfully convinced ourselves that all we are is a series of failures, a slew of nothings, a perpetual state of unimportance.

But why should we?

As far as I know, there is no limited reserve of amazing, where one's gain is the inevitable loss of another. Do the experiment: when a friend aces a math exam, check your purse, wallet, and list of talents and qualities. Lost anything?

We are letting the people around us and their success take a piece of our worth, when in fact we should let them add to our goals, our inspirations. Don't let anybody steal your fire, let their light fuel it (I know, unbearingly self-help-y, don't judge me). 

A friend of yours is a skydiving adrenaline seeker? Don't let it make you feel weak, fragile and terrified. Give yourself a chance to do something you are afraid of (perhaps not jumping out of plane, YOU COULD NOT PAY ME ENOUGH, raising your hand in class or going up to a stranger will suffice)

Seen your sister accomplish her childhood dream? Don't let it make you feel lost, hopeless and far from your own dreams. Let it push you to take steps towards your goals, work harder, take risks!

Life is what we make of it, including the people who surround us. You will always be amidst a diverse range of flawed but enviable people, so make the best of your opportunity to grow.

And remember that there is someone out there that has envied you in some way (stop sassily raising your eyebrow, I know it to be true), which means you too are unimaginably worthy.

Have a lovely day, my dolls!

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