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Hellos beautiful fudgies :)

As you may have heard, ANEB Quebec's (anorexia and bulimia quebec) is struggling from important financial difficulties. ANEB helps over 200 000 people every year fight the battle against eating disorders, and is a vital support system for all of Quebec.

The Fudge Perfection team has therefor decided to help. As you know, for the past year, we have been selling bracelets, for the breaking-even amount of 1$.

We recently decided to sell them 2$ each at independent stores and salons all over Montreal, with all the proceeds obviously going to ANEB.

Ask your hairdresser or the owner of any independent store you know if the FP can set up a little display on their counter. If so, please contact me at fudgeperfection@gmail.com.
I encourage any other businesses who would like to help (and receive free publicity, wink wink) to contact me as well.

Here's a picture of one of our displays! (salon liquide, beaconsfield)


Another way is to donate directly via ANEB's website, anebquebec.com 

It is already so hard for those who suffer from eating disorders to get treatment, support and answers to their questions. Let's all pitch in a little to enable ANEB to do what it does best: help



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