My mission

Dear non-believers,

You send me emails, tweets, you comment on the blog, asking me if I honestly believe I can change something in the world.
Silly me. To think I could impact anyone with my dumb posts, my stupid challenges.

Girls will never change, you tell me, ever so proud and defiant. How can making one girl go crazy for the fun of it change anything, ever?

So. To answer your question, which was ultimately: how do you think you can change anything in the world?

Everyday, girls face the pressure to be perfect from the moment they open their precious eyes and see their reflection in the bathroom mirror.

School, parents, friends, facebook, all the banalities of the universe come together as one to force a destructive mentality into their heads.
The sanity is slowly stripped from their minds, and suddenly the way they see themselves twists and deforms itself into a monster.

So, if one day, at random, one of those millions of girls happens to read one of my posts. What if she does something a little crazy the next day? What if she eats a cookie the day after that, and doesn't want to shoot herself in the face because of it?

Then I have done my job. Because we are all in this together, like HSM says. :)

And if one girl smiles instead of frowning upon her reflection, the impact is greater than you can ever imagine.
People speaking out about insecurities and eating disorders create massive chain reactions.
People start to share. Bond. Come together for just a moment.
A moment that can change lives.
How impossibly cheesy:)

So. To answer your question. That is how I think I can make a difference.

Much love,


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