The cure

Hello my beautiful fudgies;)
Im going to write about something that has been brought to my attention by answering your emails and tweets concerning rehab, or treatment.

This is by far the biggest misconception regarding treatment for whatever mental disorder one is suffering from.

You hear this all the time: how does one get cured from an eating disorder? How did you get rid of your problem?

Sadly, we are not cured. We are never cured. We struggle, we fight every single day until we die. Because if you haven't noticed, the problems that led us to such misery don't just disapear. They are there when we enter rehab and they are there when we come out.

Treatment doesn't just erase your pain.
It helps you to find the roots of your problems. It helps you set goals. Strengthen your mind little by little without the outside world influences. But most importantly, it helps you prepare for the real challenge. The moment you go back to the real world.

Cuz it's fudgin' hell out there.

Imagine this: you break a porcelain vase ( your mental health), and treatment just helps you to put the basic pieces back together.
Than go and try to keep that vase intact while going through a crazy mob of angry rioters. That's kind of what life after treatment is like.

It's the hardest part of the whole process, and we can't be expected to keep it together all the time. Sometimes the vase will fall again. But as long as you patch it back up and keep marching, nothing can ever bring it back to that completely shattered state.

In conclusion, I'm slowly getting stronger every day. But I'm not cured.
Nor am I fixed. Or perfect.
But then again, this blog doesnt like perfect all that much anyways right?


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