Growing Up

Growing mentally as a teenager is the same as growing physically. The same comparison applies to grow spurts, or recovering from an addiction, a mental disorder, what have you.

People expect us to spontaneously be adjusted to this new found height. After all, the things around us haven't changed right?
But from our perspective, EVERYTHING has changed. Nothing looks like it did before. We just need time to figure out how to deal with this complete change of scenery.

And sometimes, sadly, things don't fit anymore. We aren't at eye level, and it's awkward and uncomfortable. We can't try to change the inevitable. We are always taught that throwing things away is a sad scene, and it can be so difficult to let go of the memories. But we can't live in a house that's too small for us. In clothes that just don't fit our lifestyle anymore. Don't deny your growth, or try to hide it. Embrace it.

I have had to put everything, and especially everyone, on trial for my recovery. I have had to sacrifice more than I could have ever imagined. But I know that my health comes before anything else, and the people who can't respect that just don't fit me anymore.

Don't crouch to hide your height. Stand up tall. It shows how strong you are to support this new height of yours.
And I must say it looks good on you.

I love you all, my fudgies,


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