The. media. is. not. the. problem

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Alright, to the point of today's post. This is something that has bothered me for the longest time. And I am SO aware that this is going to get me in a lot of trouble, because this is contrary to popular belief, but here I go:

Every single time the topic of eating disorders gets brought to the table, people automatically point the finger at «the media» or «society». Saying that they are the source, the root of eating disorders. 
Which is NOT TRUE. 

People LOOOVVVEE to blame things like magazines and advertisements for eating disorders because it's an impersonal group that is so easy to target. «Nothing I can do, it's not my fault», they'll say.

Here is my problem with this theory: how do you explain the fact that millions and millions of people look at these magazine covers and these Lancome ads, and only a fraction of them are impacted by these images?

Example: If you wipe a person's past out of their minds, and make them look at a magazine cover, nothing will happen, because it's not a natural human instict to BOOM START STARVING YOURSELF when you see digitally enhanced images.

The real question here is: what happened before in her life that open a door for the media or society to come and mess with her brain so much that she would go so far as to injure her body intentionally?
The answer to that question, my loves, is always something personal. Something that happened at school, with her family, friends, whatever.

But people don't like to think that way, because with this state of mind, the people involved feel like they're being blamed for pushing someone to insanity. 
Let me ask you this: how do you think profesionnals could treat eating disorders if the root was the media? They couldn't. They would just send you home to let your organs deteriorate and your mind go off the rails. 

We can't control what is on the cover of vogue, or how much photoshop is used on Julia Robert's face, but we can find why these images impact us so much. Problem=solved.

Sidenote: I am not stating that the media hasn't had their role in the rise of eating disorders in the last decade, but I'm solely stating that they're not the SOURCE, the CAUSE. We cool, bro? :)

Alright my fudgies, thats it :) comment your opinion and keep being gorgeous <3


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