Renee Zellweger's Face: Hypocrisy

Hello my darling fudgies

One of my favorite pop culture expert Michael Buckley @buckhollywood was the first person to point out the obvious transformation Renee Zellweger's face has gone through. This picture doesn't lie: some work has been done.

Actually, it might be lying a bit. To be fair, lighting may have a great deal to do with the way features look on camera. Don't tell me you've never taken a picture in bad lighting and looked like you'd been run over by a train.

I've written about plastic surgery before, and my stance is quite clear: if it doesn't affect me, or hurt anyone, knock yoselves out. 

So clearly Renee's decision isn't what's bothering me. However, if you happen to google something along the lines of "Renee Zellweger new face", you will soon find out what makes me angry.

Renee destroys her face!
Crazy before and after!

...Really now.
A woman in the film industry, in the epicenter of Hollywood pressure, starting to age and lose roles because Hollywood is about that young life, who is constantly judged and criticized for her body, her face, her eyes, her left nostril...
You're going to tell me that this woman would consider going under the knife to fit into society's mold? Shocking!

This blatant hypocrisy infuriates me, because this is how the media gets away with body shaming. Perez Hilton and TMZ devote their entire lives to poking and prodding into these people's lives, pointing out every single flaw, but as soon as someone has enough and caves into the pressures of the industry, suddenly it's a scandal!

Never accountable for their actions, never responsible for the damage done!

Look, this is not a criticism of Renee. In fact, in her position, lord knows what I would do.
This is simply a platform to jump off from, to discuss the hypocrisy of the dialogue regarding women's issues.
Speak now, my loves!



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