My Septum Piercing (the importance of self-expression)

Hello my darling fudgies,

Today, after months of vying and piercing jealousy, I finally got my septum pierced!
(pics below, slightly crooked, but still badass)

The experience (3 Ps): 

Pain: Honestly takes longer than most piercings, so I can't give it a 1/5, but maybe a 2.5/5? 
You do cry like a loser afterwards, because the nose is connected to the tear ducts so there's that. 

Parents: No, they don't like it. My mom tried to bribe me out of it, but there was no stopping moi. Good thing is you can flip it up and hide it from jobs and school, so your future isn't on the line with this simple piece of metal. 

Price: Obviously depends on where you go, but I always go to XS tattoo and piercings in Pointe Claire, QC, CA, and it cost me about 70 odd dollars. 

The importance:

Piercings might not seem like a big deal to you, or maybe you don't understand the hype. 
To me, they are an integral part of my being. 
I left my high school to attend a preppy, shmancy prep school in CT, where piercings are certainly not cool (or allowed).

I felt as though I was losing my identity; my alternative, modified, "edgy?" identity. 
This piercing allows me to be within dress code, when it is flipped up, but also be my own self, once the last class bell rings. 
Best of both worlds!
I think what I'm trying to say here is that the goal of the FP is to promote body positive ideals, but it can be hard, nay impossible, to love yourself when you don't feel like yourself. 
For me, tattoos and piercings help me express who I am to the outside world, but mainly and most importantly to myself.

My message is that you should always do what others tell you, except never. 



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