November Favorites

Hello my darling fudgies

Many of you seem to enjoy it when I post about my personal life once in a blue moon, so here are a few things I've been loving recently, non body politics related:)

1. A Clockwork Orange

I am currently reading this morbid classic by Anthony Burgess for AP Senior Lit, and no I'm not done, so don't spoil it or I shall punch you square in the rot. The fact that much of the vocabulary is actually not english, but a made up language called Nadsat is difficult, I'll admit, but incredibly stimulating. Makes you think about the use of language as a theme on its own, like languageception. Mind blowing. Violent as all hell, but even as a squeamish girl, I'd recommend.

2. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a die hard makeup addict. Some would say it contradicts my position as a body positive feminist, but I'd argue, and will in a post soon, that it only compliments my ideologies of men and women taking their beauty and self-expression into their own hands, not giving the power to others to define their beauty.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am all about that rouge life. I don't get to do very dramatic looks whilst at school, but at home, watch out neighbors! And there is no better tool to help me create dramatic cat eyes than the kat von d tattoo liner in trooper. Smudgeproof, long wearing, super thin and precise, it's the bomb.com

Here are a 2 of my creations!

3. My Septum Piercing!

Yes, I know, I won't shut up about my damn septum piercing. But
1. it makes me feel 1323242x more like myself
2. the healing has been divine
3. i can hide it
4. deal

4. Kati Morton, the queen of Mental Health on Youtube

Kati Morton, a licensed MFT, devotes an insane amount of time helping those struggling with mental health issues, or people who simply have questions about such topics. She is always a sunny ray of sunshine, promotes beautiful and healthy habits such as self-care, provides free workbooks for EDs and Self Harm, and is overall an amazing person.

Props to you Kati! Here is a good example of what she does:

5. http://destinyboswell.tumblr.com Destiny Boswell

It seems I've made a new Tumblr friend;)

She's nice, her blog is filled with hilarity, social commentary, and overall wonderfulness.
Plus she has survived depression and is always reblogging my stuff, so props to her for being such a great blogger.

I think my mom believes that online friendships are weird, but in a world where social media is everywhere, and social anxiety is rampant, why not use the resources we have to communicate and share and create a smaller community in a way that makes us comfortable and not have a panic attack. just my 2 cents!

Let me know what you think of Tumblr friendships in the comments:)



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