A Spark: By Anna Hoyt

Hello my lovely fudgies!
I haven't written a post for you all in what seems, and okay might be, ages.
I am working on an amazing ad campaign video for The Fudge Perfection Project, which I truly hope you love :)
But today we have a new creative writing piece by Anna Hoyt (yes! the same one who acted and wrote  The Definition of Beauty: check it out at the bottom of the page!)

A Spark

A path of ice, of snow and sleet, one of a hurricane raging,
And a path of sand, of calming waves, of the ocean's innocent breeze.
Though these two paths are seasons apart,
Eventually their months must meet.
Along a road I had gone, until I met their crossings,
The path of ice, or the path of sand, both just as long and hard,
A choice that many have to make.
I took the path of sand and waves, the path my heart desired,
But after many seasons had gone,
I was again at the two paths crossings.
Regret and sorrow filled my soul, a journey of the weak-minded,
I had no choice but to start again, but now the paths were different.
One of fire, of raging heat, a nightmare waiting to happen,
And the other of water, of cool faith and forgiveness.
My heart longed for the path of forgiveness and faith,
But I took the path of fire,
And after many long falls, the fire had gone,
But now its spark is within me.

If you like her work, do let me know, for we may be seeing more of Anna's work in the future if you love her as much as I do. 

To see her monologue "The Definition of Beauty", click below!


Thanks so much dolls<3


Music I'm listening to: "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Guns n Roses
Because Axl Rose in the late 80s=ASDDFKGHHLLZXCVBNN <3
This performance blows my mind everytime: http://youtu.be/riH9aygQdjY

Book: US history book 1 and 2
Yay summer studies!! -_-

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