10 HoliDAYS of Self-Love: Day 3

What are the 10 holiDAYS of self-love? Well, it's very simple! During this very stressful holiday time, especially for those of us who struggle/have struggled with eating disorders, social anxiety, and low self-esteem in general, the abundance of food and holiday parties can be very stressful. So join me in the journey: 10 days, 10 challenges each day to improve your self-esteem and make this holiday season more pleasurable. Enjoy!

Day 3: GO BOLD

Alright, so we went out of our comfort zone on the first day, and pampered ourselves on the second. Now is the time to go bold!

It's important to be able to be confident no matter how you look. 
Because one day you'll be stuck in the rain and meet the love your life and if you're too shy to talk to him/her than your whole life will be wasted.
I may or may not have taken that out of a rom com, but seriously, confidence no matter what >

So let's test it out!
Go bold! 

Dark lips or eyeliner? Sure
Fake fur vest? Why not!
Zebra print? Hell yeah
Braided Heidi hairstyle? Okay!

Whatever makes you feel good but slightly off because the voices in your head tell you others will laugh is the way to go, my angels!

Go bold or go home.
And don't go home. 

Here's mama Fuddgie's take on a dark eye



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