10 HoliDAYS of Self-Love: Day 5

Day 5 is upon us, my fudgies!

What are the 10 holiDAYS of self-love? Well, it's very simple! During this very stressful holiday time, especially for those of us who struggle/have struggled with eating disorders, social anxiety, and low self-esteem in general, the abundance of food and holiday parties can be very stressful. So join me in the journey: 10 days, 10 challenges each day to improve your self-esteem and make this holiday season more pleasurable. Enjoy!

Day 5: Drop the phone

It's been proven that social media can drastically reduce self-esteem.
Sure, it's tempting to see what other people are up to, but at the end of the day, we are all edited, and seeing everybody's perfectly edited lives can make our imperfect real lives seem blah.

Today is then the day to put down the phone, the computer, the tablet, the desktop, although you're probably not actually holding the latter, and enjoy the non digitized world.

Go outside, spend time with your family, friends, and pets. 
Or if you're a hermit like me, read a book. 
Snuggle with your bae (Taco Bell). 
Catch up on Sherlock for the 3433o5th time with your Johnlock shipping friends. Or Mystrade. Or whatever ship you desire. (confused by my last sentence? you probably don't spend too much time on the internet, kudos to you!)

Instagram is fun, and watching my idols sculpt their brows like drag queen perfection is addictive, but there is a lot to do outside of Facebook too. 
There's also Tumblr.
I'm kidding, there's also real emotions, real feelings, real connections to be made out there. 
Go getchu some


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