"Too Many" Piercings: A Short Rant Poem

hello my loves!

This is dedicated to all modified folk!

Does my septum ring bother you?
Are my stretched ears annoying you too?
Because your glares and stares are pretty pitiful.
Your excuse? It’s “too much” to be beautiful. 

Too much metal, too much modification,
To fit in your perfect beauty ideation!
Funny, I was unaware of the information
That beauty is only beauty with your type of expression.

Take a glance from my perspective, through my eyes,
‘Cause in my head, beauty has no size.
Never too much, never too little,
Hence there’s no such thing as “too much” to be beautiful.

I know why you think incorrectly.
You believe the lie told by society
That a specific size of curves, a right amount of hair
Is the key to avoid judgmental glares.

So if my piercings make your skin crawl,
And my tattoos make you climb the walls,
I’m sorry to say that it’s your own difficulty!
‘Cause my metal is “just enough” for me.

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