Food For Thought: My 3 Obsessions

Hello my gorgeous dolls!

As you have probably noticed, the FP website has undergone a bit of a make-over!

Many of you like it, so I'll probably keep it, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know:)

These are things I have been reading, or seeing, and thinking about a lot in February. Hope you can enjoy them as well:)

1. Beauty Redefined!

You all need to check this website out! 
Beauty Redefined is a non-profit focusing on teaching girls to "recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies and what “beauty” means and looks like". 
They have incredible media outlets, and their blog is an insanely fascinating read!

here's the url if you feel like being inspired: http://www.beautyredefined.net/

2.  Body Shaming: I CAN'T BE WHAT YOU WANT
This picture I found on this Tumblr page really embodies the overwhelming society contradiction that is body shaming.

If you're considered "fat", you are, as the picture presents, lazy, insecure, careless, out of shape, etc. 

But heaven forbid you become "too thin" for someone's standards.

Then you have an eating disorder, you're unhealthy, you have no insecurities, and you're a bitch.

Life is already a confusing, complex, mind-fucking journey we undertake. 

Don't let the overwhelming body shaming messages get to your head. 
There is no "right" body, you'll never make everyone happy.
So just do you, mmkay? ;)

3. Yale and Mental Health Discrimination

Get ready to rage, my loves.
I found this articles, linked here, that tells the story of Rachel, who struggles with mental health issues, and the disgusting way the Yale administration handled her medical case.

This infuriates me to a point that I can barely express in words.

There is so much stigma, so little understanding, so many ignorant slurs and words, and no empathy.

When will be the time we treat each other with the respect we deserve?

A mental illness is just like asthma, just like diabetes, just like a cold. 
It needs to be treated, and helped, but it doesn't define you. 
Doesn't make you weird, or crazy, or less worthy of love.

Yet people are afraid to tell their friends and loved ones about a problem they have.
It's because of policies such as the one discussed in the article that promulgates a society based on fear of the unknown, of the misunderstood.

Just know that I may not know what you're going through, but I know that it hurts.
Some of you like to email me about some personal things that you feel you cannot tell your family or friends, and if anybody is feeling this sentiment of solitude and isolation,
please reach out, I'm always here, I have, like, no life, okay?:) 


Hope your week will be lovely:)


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