Once Upon A Time

Hello my loves!
This is a translation of a piece I wrote for Derriere le Miroir (available here: http://www.derrierelemiroir.ca/donc-mon-prince/) 

Once upon a time there was a young princess
Who danced in the rain and jumped into puddles
She was wild, she was free, she was fearless.
She didn’t mind if her hair was a tad too curly.
She didn’t care if there were 300 calories in her cookie.

She didn’t need a prince charming.
With or without him, she was a princess worthy of respect.
“Maybe later, when I’m older” she told herself
“For now, I rule this kingdom just fine all by myself”

But the seasons changed, and a princess can’t stay young forever.
All her friends were attracting the attention of dukes and earls,
Dancing the night away in the arms of their admirers
While our princess spent her nights all alone.
And she started to ask herself when her prince would come along.

She stared at her reflection in the puddles she used to jump in
Desperately looking for the reasons behind her solitude.
Suddenly the rain started pouring, deforming her reflection, so that all she could see
Was that her problem lied in the atrocity of her body.  

Her hair was now much too curly
And every single inch of her skin was a prison keep
Trapping her in a tower, too ugly to be saved.
And those 300 calories in her cookie? Those were 300 too many.
She made herself believe that her prince would only visit
When her collarbone was protruding enough for all to see.  

So she lived in this sad fantasy for many years,
Without the kingdom noticing their shrinking princess.
Until one day she had had enough of starving.
And as she looked at her reflection in the mirror with new eyes
She realized she had hated herself for nothing.

Okay, so this prince had yet to show up at her door
But a hunger strike won’t make him arrive sooner.
From now on, this princess worries little of her happy ever after
« Because I never needed a prince to be the greatest ruler »

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