Body Positive (and other) Treasures #2

Hello my gorgeous fudgies!

Last week's body positive findings were so well received, I thought I'd share a few more!

1. Fudgie Submission: Kira 

A lovely fudgie by the name of Kira sent me this beautiful collage she created by email just the other day. It absolutely made my day! I know it may not be a big deal for some of you (lucky bitches), but I always applaud girls who can rock a bare natural face with a smile. It takes guts, so good job sweetie! 

PS: If YOU wanna see your cute face on the blog sometime, you can send me a submission by fudge perfection@gmail.com. 

2. Constructive Criticism 

These past few months have taught me quite a lot about constructive (or as I use to put it, destructive) criticism. First of all, I happen to be writing 230% more in my classes this year, which is obviously benefical for my writing skills, but it also means 230% more feedback, and as you might imagine, not all of my teacher's comments are praises of my unimaginably perfect writings. I can honestly say, 7 weeks into my school year, that I can absorb negative comments effectively without taking it personally and bursting into tears (no exaggeration, English class was an emotional Holocaust). 

This leads me to my next venture into criticism: Adios Barbie. As some of you may know, I have started writing for a web magazine called Adios Barbie. I have had other writing jobs, as made obvious by the delusional amount of self promotion in which I partake, but this summer was the first time my work was being seriously critiqued, edited and, to my sensitive heart's dismay, ripped to shreds by my publisher and editor. But I sucked it up, and I kept rewriting and rewriting until finally my baby was published in late October (http://www.adiosbarbie.com/2013/10/disney-starlets-getting-thinner/). 

And yet again, my stability hath been tested. The amazing amount of traffic this article gave me was also me with some critical comments, one in particular, the first one, that was perhaps not as gentle as I would have liked. But again, I learned to deal, because these people aren't attacking me, most of them aren't even attacking my work. I must remind myself that without my editor's comments, my article wouldn't have been 10% as good as it is now. 

So breathe in, breathe out, take a Lush shower, and learn to love the good and live with the bad. 

3. Christine's Answer

Christine of the very popular beauty blog Temptalia could not have answered this question better.
Tina of Boston, MA sent me the screenshot, and I fell in love with her wise words. 
The reality of the situation is we are not purely physical, or purely psychological: we are intertwined beings. There is nothing wrong with your exterior making you feel beautiful, appreciate your good hair days when thou are blessed by such, as long as it doesn't overpower the beauty you radiate when you surround yourself with good people or accomplish a goal. Amen, Christine!

4. Pale Skin Appreciation Week

PSAW is an international holiday I invented for the purpose of this post!
Being naturally translucent and living in a dorm where it is possible for me to get to all of my classes, meals, friends room's and bathrooms without seeing the light of day, I have reached a level of paleness difficulty achieved. Have you even seen my bio picture from ANEB's blog

But there is hope for the anatomy dolls of the world! 

a) There are Tumblr blogs devoted to pasty gals like us, such as http://palegirls.tumblr.com 
b) Winter=Snow=Instant camouflaging skills
d)Your tanning bed friends may look at you funny now, but when they're 27 and wrinkly as an old plaid shirt and your skin still looks like a foetus's, guess who will be laughing then...

Have a wonderful week, my dolls!


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